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Art Group 1103 creates light installations for functional and decorative purposes.


We are fascinated by the mystery of light. Our aspiration is to explore and challenge our own insight of how light can change perception of space and object.


The ideas and designs we come up with are all results of co-creation and playing around with different materials - new sheets of metal, wood, cardboard or stuff we pick up at the junk-yard. They are all worked on and adapted in our own workshop.



In our process, we might do crazy things, so don't be afraid to say "I don't like it" or "I don't understand it". We may not either!

We do not work based on a set of drawings and calculations. Our process starts and ends in our studio – we call it a basecamp for creativity – where we can play with shapes, materials, surfaces and everything between light and shadow.

Take a look - maybe we can inspire you...


Lamp Series made of upcycled iron 

Circle40 Q

Raw industrial installation. Iron and brass


FIRE - a series of brass sculptures


CPH Light Festival 2019

Exhibited at Møbel forretningen, Copehangen K

Color Cord 3030

Graphical lines in iron frame

Melange de Luxe

Daylight art and window security

Visual SILENCE 120 x120 cm

Iron and Brass. Wall mounted light sculpture. LED

COTTAGE - pendel

Browned iron and French wicker

Floor Sculpture

Rolled iron and iron "plates". LED


FIRE - a series of brass sculptures

60x60 Wall decoration

A series of iron installations - with colored, flouresent acrylic and LED light bulbs

room for new stuff!!

De Luxe 30x30cm

Light art with colored, flouresent acrylic

Visual SILENCE 30 x30 / 30 x 70 cm

Iron and Brass. Wall mounted sculpture. LED

Lounge Floor Lamp

Up circled iron bowl with gold leaf. LED

MIRAGE - Stainless Steel

Wall mounted light sculpture - all stainless steel


FIRE - a series of brass sculptures


A series of colored iron installations - with LED pipes

Circle40 - Pendant

Raw industrial installation. Iron and brass and plexiglass

MIRAGE Black Iron

Symmetry meets asymmetry


Out door Iron sculpture. Work in progress

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