CPH Light Festival 2020

CPH Light Festival 2020

Art Group 1103 is - once again - participating in CPH Light Festival from February 1st - 23rd 2020

We have created an installation for the square called Sankt Hans Torv, situated at "Indre Nørrebro", where you find popular cafees, food shops and design shops.

The installation consists of 18 Neon lights in the color spectra of yellow, gold, organge and red. We have incoporated a soft fabrick to create a nature inspired finish which can catch the light and hold it up against deep shadows.

We want to create a space where people gather - get together - a meeting point - hang out - interact - tell or hear news and stories.

Our inspiration comes from 'hyggeaftener' - cozy evenings in the Scandinavian summer nights. 

We all know the feeling when we gather around a campfire to listen to music or a good story – this is the atmosphere we aim to recreate in the middle of Copenhagen on some of the coldest and darkest days of the Danish winter. 

We have transformed the old telephone kiosk at Sankt Hans Torv into a light installation – a gathering place that, together with Nadja Rahr’s short prose stories, invites you to stop and take a little break while watching the warm light from the installation and listening to the short stories. Let the light and the words melt together into one overall experience. 

You can listen to Nadja's stories here: https://www.artgroup1103.dk/lightfestival/

Get to know Nadja: https://www.instagram.com/nadjarahr/

Stories by the Fire...

Light installation for Christianshavns Torv - work in progress

Stories by the Fire...

A peak at the installation coming a live