Melange de Luxe


A unique piece of light art...

Made for the high end fashion shop Melange de Luxe, Nørrebro, Copenhagen.

With the opportunity to decide what and how we would like to decorate the store, we immediately came up with the idea of combining something functional with it a piece of art.

The result is a grid construction mounted in front of a large window. In the design, which serves both as theft protection and as a piece of unique art, we have placed plexiglass in different colors, which gives a great light when daylight flows through it.

Melange de Luxe is already furnished with a keen eye for the unique style and as the name suggests the shop is a mix of luxury goods. Super cool and very colorful.

For us, this was a brand new and exciting way of working - using only daylight.

Materials: Iron and fluorescent acrylic in different colors.

Daylight art and window security