For some, trash is just trash, but we find inspiration and love to recycle trash into new products. To upcycle waste is just one way to reduce the pressure on earth's resources. We would like to participate in this, and at the same time find new ways to do things - you may like to participate in this too…?

We work with upcycling based on two concepts: "Make That" or "Use That".

"Make That" is when we want to create something specific and then look for material for it. "Use That" is when we find something we think is exciting, and then start working to create new life for this materiale. This project is based on "Use That"

We know that upcycling does not solve the future need for raw materials, but we believe in the tendency to use what we already have instead of producing new material - all the time.
The metal parts we have used in 're:new' are industrial waste that has now become fine lamps with a raw industrial look and feel. We have used as few resources as possible to manufacture the various lamps. We have removed loose paint and rust, and we have sanded the edges so that you cannot get hurt. The principle in the lamp series for Design Werck is to give new life to metal waste, and therefore we have called the series 're:new'.

For us, and for Design Werck, re: new is a natural design approach to find new solutions to raw material scarcity, reducing the amount of waste, and being able to create new exciting products where the creative process is controlled by materials that already exist.

For safety reasons, all electrical parts and wires are new

Lamp Series made of upcycled iron 

Exhibited and sold at Design Werck, Copenhagen DK